A. Ongoing Activities

  1. To provide the Advisory Services to the Chinese/Bangladeshi National looking for business/Investment opportunities in Bangladesh/China.
  2. To follow up the reports of the “Bangladesh-China Joint Committee for Commercial and Economic Cooperation” and to help in early implementation of its recommendations.
  3. To discuss with the appropriate authorities in Bangladesh and China for removing any obstacle(s)/impediment(s) for promoting business and investment in both the countries.
  4. To cooperate with appropriate organizations for promoting cultural exchange and friendship between Bangladesh and China.
  5. To collect market/economic information of Bangladesh and provide it to the Chinese people when required & vice versa.
  6. To maintain liaison with the media and encourage wide coverage of BCCCI activities.
  7. To look into the difficulties/obstacles members are facing with import/export duty structures, transportation, dumping/antidumping, IPR or other trade related issues.
  8. To organize China Trade Fair in Bangladesh for promoting bilateral trade and investment.
  9. To organize Business Forums, Seminars etc in cooperation with other organizations to share views on impediments related to business & investment and to take up appropriate issues with the government of both countries.
  10. To organize appropriate seminars and training courses for benefit of the BCCCI member organizations.

B. Future Activities

  1. To organize Bangladesh Trade Fair in China for promoting bilateral trade and investment.
  2. To send Trade & investment Delegation from Bangladesh to China and to organize Bangladesh Investment Seminar/Business Forum over there to encourage more Chinese Investment in Bangladesh.
  3. To continue the membership drive.