In January 2010, JETRO conducted a comparative survey of investment-related costs in 29 major cities and regions in Asia. The following comparison is based on that survey with some selected cities.
Bangladesh offers a truly low competitive cost base. Wages and salaries are still lowest in the region, a strong business advantage. Yet this is an increasingly well-educated, adaptive and peaceful population with many skilled workers.
Dhaka’s skilled labor cost base is still less than the other major cities.
Dhaka’s management grades are 2-3 times less than in Singapore, Shanghai, Bangkok.
Industrial estate rent in Dhaka is cost effective than Shanghai, Jakarta, Bangkok.
Office rents are also very competitive with other international cities.
Dhaka’s housing rent for foreigners are less expensive than Singapore, Mumbai, Karachi, Hanoi.
Cost of diesel in Dhaka is found to be more competitively priced than most other large cities.
Vehicles increasingly use LPG as Dhaka gasoline costs are competitive with most other cities.
source: The 20th Survey of Investment-Related Cost Comparison in Major Cities and Regions in Asia JETRO©, April 2010.

BOI notes that the figures are not absolutes, but serve as a guide. Whilst the actual costs vary each month the general trends remain similar. No precise figures are shown with the graphs because they are only a ‘snapshot’ of costs on the day of survey.