As the General Secretary of the Bangladesh China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of our members, directors, members, business partners who make this organization truly unique and significant.

BCCCI will be putting out our own Business Directory this year, and it will be a representation of businesses and individuals that recognize the value of making an investment in their community by being Chamber Members.

We’ve all seen it. We know it when we do see it. From the neighborhood sports field to the boardroom of a large corporation, groups of people become successful when they work together, consciously taking pride in belonging to their organization. Enthusiasm and optimism certainly count, as does focus and leadership. Real success takes “team spirit.”

As members of the Bangladesh China Chamber of Commerce, you are part of a team. Our members include small business owners to large corporations in Bangladesh and China. The Chamber can be your platform to work with and support your community while enhancing your business. What you get out of your membership is directly related to how much involvement you put into supporting your Chamber.
Our enduring commitment to the membership is to focus on how we can support your growth. To achieve this, we intend to continue to concentrate on four specific strategic goals that will help the organization set the national and International standard for fostering business community prosperity.
These include:

1) Advocating public benefit (especially business sectors) policy taken the governments of Bangladesh and China.
2) Optimizing and diversifying Chamber communications and programming to maximize Member experience, facilitate greater Member-to-Member connections and attract new Members
3) Ensuring that the Chamber achieves the highest standard of operational excellence and contributing to the achievement and recognition of business community excellence
4) Enhancing government, community and business decision-making by supporting a data-enabled economy

We are a group of people committed to a common purpose: to help one another and our respective businesses prosper. As members of the BCCCI, we aim to benefit from each other as resources for new contacts and new ideas. Most importantly, we want to continue to help make our community a strong and vibrant place where our businesses thrive. The Chamber affords us an opportunity to coordinate our efforts and to be efficient with our time and resources. What can you offer to your Chamber “teammates” that will help us succeed?

I welcome you to find out how you can become an even more active member of the Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry this year. All of us on your Chamber team will be better for it.

Thank You

Md. Shahjahan Mridha
General Secretary
Bangladesh China Chamber of Commerce and Industry. (BCCCI)