Merits of BCCCI Membership

  1. Special Benefits:

 Trade Fair: BCCCI members will get the opportunity to participate in Trade Fairs Organized by BCCCI (in Bangladesh and in China) at a discounted rate.

 Seminars/workshop: BCCCI members will get the priority to join the Seminar/workshops organized by BCCCI at special rate along with other facilities.

 Information Services: BCCCI members will be provided with important business information services.

  1. Export/Import benefits: 

 For Bangladeshi Exporters, BCCCI will provide related information about Chinese Importers and necessary market information of China.

 For Bangladeshi Importers, BCCCI will provide related Information about Chinese Exporters.

  1. Investment Benefits:

 For Interested companies who are looking for a join venture with Chinese Company, BCCCI will provide all possible relevant information on potential Chinese investors.

 For company who are interested to invest, relocate or FDI in Bangladesh, BCCCI will provide information about Bangladeshi investment, Climate and Investment procedure.

  1. Communication Benefits:

 With the support of BCCCI, Members will be assisted in meeting with the Embassy of China in Bangladesh.

 BCCCI will assist its members visit to China for business purpose.

 Through BCCCI, Members will get the opportunity of closer interaction with other Chinese Chambers as well as Bangladeshi Chambers for business purpose.