Unlike older industrialized societies with growing legions of ageing dependents, Bangladesh has a very youthful demographic.

  • 59.3 % of the population are economically active (15 years and over).
  • The country is young too,  40 years old.

Improving Education and Skills

  • Bangladesh has 31 public universities, 54 private universities, 60 teacher training colleges and 1,143 technical and vocational institutions.
  • Typical of the sub-continent, vocational training and professional qualifications are highly respected.
  • Thousands of Bangladeshis who have wide work experience abroad add to the national reservoir of skill.

English Widely Spoken

  • The national language is Bengali or ‘Bangla’.
  • Yet our second language, English, is widely spoken, understood and written.
  • More than 90% of staff at management level is fluent in English.
  • Source: Bangladesh Bureau Of Educational Information And Statistics,Bangladesh Technical education Board